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  • The Millennial Capital, Kyoto.Home to high quality traditional goods and rich traditional culture, developed and evolved locally over many, many years.

    In Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, tradition and culture were born and cultivated. During your visit to this historical capital, why not take the time to experience something unique to Kyoto and Japan, either by yourself, or with family or good friends?

  • The Kyoto Handicraft Center and the History of Kyoto's Damascene

    Inlay is one of Japan's oldest traditional crafts and has a history of over 1000 years. In this long history of inlay art in Japan, Kyoto’s distinct style stands out from the rest, in that metals like pure gold and silver are inlayed into boxes, creating delicate works of art with beautiful shining gold and silver detail on jet-black surfaces.

Items in Shop

  • Folding Screen

  • Incense

  • Damascene

    Traditional Craft/ Kyoto
  • Woodblock Prints

    Traditional Craft/kyoto, Tokyo
  • Ornamental Swords

    Traditional Craft/Gifu
  • Japanese Dolls

    Japanese Dolls
  • Calligraphy

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Pearls

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Lacquer-Ware

    Traditional Craft/Fukushima, Ishikawa, Toyama,Kyoto
  • Wood Parquetry, Puzzle box

    Traditional Craft/Kanagawa
  • Nambu Ironware

    Traditional craft/Iwate
  • Kanazawa Gold Leaf

    Traditional Craft/ Ishikawa
  • Kokeshi Doll

    Traditional Craft/ Gunma
  • Kimonos and Yukatas

    Gift, Souvenir
  • T-Shirts

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Lucky cat

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Fridge magnet

    Gift, Souvenir
  • 3D puzzle

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Books

  • Kiyomizu Pottery

    Traditional Craft/ Kyoto
  • Japanese Candles 'WA-ROSOKU'

    Traditional Craft/Kyoto
  • Furoshiki

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Postcard, Greeting Card

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Japanese Souvenirs

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Kyoto Sweets and Cakes

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Japanese Tea and Sake

    Gift, Souvenir


For Customers arriving by train:

From Jingu Marutamachi Station on the Keihan main line, it is a 10 minute walk.
From Higashiyama Station on the Underground Tozai Line, it is a 15 minute walk.

※There is also a Marutamachi Station on the Kyoto Karasuma Line. Please take care not to confuse them.

For customers arriving by City Bus:

From the JR, Kintetsu and Kyoto Underground Station
In front of Kyoto Station at Terminal 2, ride bus 206 headed towards Higashiyama-Dori Kita-oji Terminal for 30 minutes. Alight at Kumano-Jinja-Mae. From there, it is a 3 minute walk.
From Shijo Kawaramachi take one of the following:
●Number 31 to Higashiyamadori-Takano Iwakura
●Number 201 to Gion, Hyakumanben
●Number 203 to Gion, Kinrin-Syako
Ride for approximately 10 minutes, then alight at Kumano-Jinja-Mae. From there, it is a 3 minute walk.