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Floor Guide & Selections

  • Calligraphy

    Gift, Souvenir

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Postcard, Greeting Card

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Fridge magnet

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Lucky cat

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Japanese Candles 'WA-ROSOKU'

    Traditional Craft/Kyoto
  • 3D puzzle

    Gift, Souvenir


    Traditional Craft/ Aomori
  • Woodblock Prints

    Traditional Craft/kyoto, Tokyo
  • Ornamental Swords

    Traditional Craft/Gifu
  • Japanese Dolls

    Japanese Dolls
  • Damascene

    Traditional Craft/ Kyoto
  • Pearls

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Kiyomizu Pottery

    Traditional Craft/ Kyoto
  • Nambu Ironware

    Traditional craft/Iwate
  • Kimonos and Yukatas

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Kanazawa Gold Leaf

    Traditional Craft/ Ishikawa
  • Wood Parquetry, Puzzle box

    Traditional Craft/Kanagawa
  • Lacquer-Ware

    Traditional Craft/Fukushima, Ishikawa, Toyama,Kyoto
  • Tenugui, Furoshiki

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Japanese Cosmetics

    Japanese Cosmetics
  • Kokeshi Doll

    Traditional Craft/ Gunma
  • Japanese Paper

    Gift, Souvenir, Traditional crafts/Kyoto
  • T-Shirts

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Kyoto Sweets and Cakes

    Gift, Souvenir
  • Books

  • Japanese Souvenirs

    Gift, Souvenir

Craft Workshop

Enjoy the experience of making Japanese handicraft!

Choose one of your favorite workshop from 9 options stated below.

【Group reservations】
About 100 people are able to join a class at the same time.(Depends on workshop.)
We can also arrange starting time. Please feel free to contact us.
Registration time Handicraft Experience:
①10:30– *during the winter period(12/16-3/15)→ 11:00-
Time required Each experience takes 40-70 minutes.
Reservation Reservation can be made by email or telephone.
We do accept reservation on the day but it is recommended to make your reservation ahead of time.
Reservation TEL:075-761-0142


For Customers arriving by train:

From Jingu Marutamachi Station on the Keihan main line, it is a 10 minute walk.
From Higashiyama Station on the Underground Tozai Line, it is a 15 minute walk.

※There is also a Marutamachi Station on the Kyoto Karasuma Line. Please take care not to confuse them.

For customers arriving by City Bus:

From the JR, Kintetsu and Kyoto Underground Station
In front of Kyoto Station at Terminal 2, ride bus 206 headed towards Higashiyama-Dori Kita-oji Terminal for 30 minutes. Alight at Kumano-Jinja-Mae. From there, it is a 3 minute walk.
From Shijo Kawaramachi take one of the following:
●Number 31 to Higashiyamadori-Takano Iwakura
●Number 201 to Gion, Hyakumanben
●Number 203 to Gion, Kinrin-Syako
Ride for approximately 10 minutes, then alight at Kumano-Jinja-Mae. From there, it is a 3 minute walk.

Center Information

  • English Speaking ... All Floors

    Our customers from abroad can feel assured they will be well cared for by our members of staff, who, as well as Japanese, speak English.
    English Speaking ... All Floors
  • Oversea Shipping

    Your purchasing goods can be sent anywhere in the world (within the area covered by Japan Post Office).
    Oversea Shipping
  • Foreign Currency Accepted

    You don't have to pay in Japanese yen! Major world currencies are accepted at KHC.
    Major credit cards are accepted too.

    Accepted currencies: US $, CAN $, AUS $, NZ $, S $, HK $, EURO, STG, S FRC, S KR, D KR, N KR, THB, KRW.
    Foreign Currency Accepted
  • Money Exchange

    Currency exchange service (from foreign currencies to Japanese yen) is available at each store in KHC.
    *Please refer to the previous list of currencies accepted in KHC.
    Money Exchange
  • Tax-free

    For your Tax-free shopping, you must spend over ¥5,000 at one shop. Please bring your passport and consumption tax will be deducted from the total amount.

    If you are a foreign resident in Japan, you are not qualified for Tax-free shopping. For further information, please feel free to ask at the information desk.
  • Tourist Information Counter

    In KHC, there is the tourist information center called ‘i Tourist Information Office’ which is cooperated with Japan National Tourists Organization to assist foreign visitors. The center provides information relevant to its local tourist sites.
    Tourist Information Counter
  • "Visit Japan" Tourist Information

    This is tourist information designed to accommodate the needs of tourists from outside of Japan. It is registered with the Japanese National Tourist Organisation (JNTO).
    The standards for the registration with the JNTO are, to list but a few, the ability to deal with tourists from overseas in a positive way; the ability to converse in foreign languages; one-on-one help and guidance; and stocking brochures in foreign languages.
    In Japan there are over 300 tourist information points which take part in the "Visit Japan" campaign (as of the end of May 2011).