Little by little, seasonal treats, a delectable variety from Kyoto.Enjoy the healthy taste of the capital.

At the Kyoto Handicraft Center, we prepare refreshments to suit the tastes of the customer, whether it is a small or large group visiting.

We have received many requests to serve Kyoto style Bento boxes (snack boxes) incorporating well-known Kyoto products and seasonal ingredients.

Either casual dining seating at a table, or traditional tatami room seating, we are committed to accommodate the numbers, requirements and tastes of our customers. For such dining arrangements, it is necessary to make a reservation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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  • Season Vegetables Kyo-ryori SHOAMI

Japanese Restaurant SHOAMI

Seasonally changing menus, with all our heart and soul. Enjoy the colourful taste of Kyoto.

  • Shoami-gozen
    Japanese Restaurant SHOAMI
    We will create the perfect menu that suits your budget and food preferance.
    Enjoy the seasonal tastes of traditional and modern Kyoto cuisine.

    Limited 40 sets per day
  • Lunch
    Japanese Restaurant SHOAMI
    "Yatsuhashi-ju”set ¥2,000+tax

    Kyo-kaiseki in Japanese
    Oju Style Box made with seasonal ingredients.

    ※Photos are only for reference
  • Lunch
    Japanese Restaurant SHOAMI
    “Awata-gozen” set ¥1,800+tax

    Enriched to Perfection!
    Yudofu in soup menu in reasonable price.

    ※Photos are only for reference
  • Lunch
    Japanese Restaurant SHOAMI
    “Okazaki” set ¥1,500+tax

    A simple and beginner-friendly Kyoto Cuisine set.
    Food plating in elegant Kyoto style.

    ※Photos are only for reference

  • Meal& Maiko Plan
    Japanese Restaurant SHOAMI
    “Let’s meet Maiko” Meal Plan
    For group over 10 People and under 40 people.

    Do you want to meet the real Maiko, who are few in number nowadays.

    Here is the big chance to appreciate their adorable and gorgeousness.
    Let’s enjoy the dance and photo-shooting while having the authentic Kyoto Cuisine !
    Maiko lucky charm(Name Card) as present.
    Group from 20 people ¥4.500(without tax) per person.

    ※Please contact us for more information.