English picture book shop "SAIKA" stimulated curiosity by touching the English picture book to children and spread and opened creativity from thought to want you to wear English happily newly in August, 2020.

“SAIKA”, we are the children’s specialist books shop, opened in August 2020. We always believe that learning English could be fun. We are passionate to introduce good books to children, which will inspire curiosity and creativity.
“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, “Frederick”, “Swimmy”, “The Little House”, “Harry the Dirty Dog”, “Curious George”...We have a large collection of famous children books around the world, including those which were translated and became one of the best sellers in Japan.
Stories of children's books are short and easy to follow, and illustration helps to delight and engage children in the progress of English-learning. Our mission is to support parents, help to encourage children a love of reading from an early age.
“SAIKA” has over 900 titles of picture books. Some have tricks, some are over-sized, and some you don’t often come across! We have a reading corner. Parents and children are welcome to sit and read, and take enough time to choose the best books to bring home. Feel free to visit our store, and check out our collections!