Floor Guide & Selections

We select not only traditional craft-work goods, but goods which are also unique to Japan and Kyoto.

The first floor of the east  east 1F

  • Books


The second floor of the east east 2F

  • Kiyomizu Pottery

    Kiyomizu Pottery
  • Nambu Ironware

    Nambu Ironware
  • Kimonos and Yukatas

     Kimonos and Yukatas
  • Kanazawa Gold Leaf

    Kanazawa Gold Leaf
  • Wood Parquetry

    Wood Parquetry
  • Lacquer-Ware, Pottery and Boxes

    Lacquer-Ware, Pottery and Boxes
  • Miscellaneous Art

    Miscellaneous Art

The third floor of the east  east 3F

  • Japanese Miscellaneous Goods

    Japanese Miscellaneous Goods
  • Japanese Cosmetics

    Japanese Cosmetics
  • KATAZOME Washi paper and Goods

    KATAZOME Washi paper and Goods
  • T-Shirts

  • Kyoto Sweets and Cakes

    Kyoto Sweets and Cakes
  • Japanese Souvenirs

    Japanese Souvenirs

West Building  west F1

  • Woodblock Prints

    Woodblock Prints
  • Ornamental Swords

    Ornamental Swords
  • Japanese Dolls

    Japanese Dolls
  • Damascene

  • Pearls