Craft Workshop

Enjoy the experience of making Japanese handicraft !

Special Winter Holiday Offer!! (January 16th- February 28th,2017)
Select craft workshop class, and get a gift card for shopping.

◆Private Reservation (1-3 people) :Receive 300yen gift card per person.
◆Group Reservation  (4 or more people) :Receive 1000yen gift card per group.
*This offer does not apply to the reservation made from travel agency nor through other website.
*Please make a reservation from our website or by telephone.
*This cannot be combined with any other offers.

Registration time Handicraft Experience:
10:30– / 14:30– /16:00-
Time required Each experience takes 40-70 minutes.
Reservation Reservation can be made by email or telephone.
We do accept reservation on the day but it is recommended to make your reservation ahead of time.



  • Kyoto Damascene

    takes 60 minutes
    Kyoto Damascene
    On the prepared iron plate, inlay the precut pure gold and silver designs and make your original damascene accessories from two option (pendant or Japanese plaited cord). By the handicraftsmen the rest of the process will be completed in 1 month and send to you.
  • Woodblock Printing

    takes 60 minutes
    Woodblock Printing
    There are 6 woodblocks to complete one print. You print them in order and finish the work. We have 2 designs: Heian Shrine and Maiko.
  • Cloisonné 【Silver】

    takes 60 minutes
    Cloisonné 【Silver】
    Cloisonne is what colored-grass enamel is put onto a silver based owl design, and then baked at 800 degree C. Making original Cloisonné on a strap or pendant.
  • Clay Bell Doll

    takes 60 minutes
    Clay Bell Doll
    Dorei doll is a white unglazed bell doll, which is originated from ceramic doll started in Kyoto. Paint a Dorei Doll with watercolor and take it home with you in a small cushion.
  • Folding Fan Painting

    takes 60 minutes
    Folding Fan Painting
    You will paint on an unfolded fan as you like. When it is dry, it will be fastened at the end with a pair of catch. Fan is the the scented of sandalwood.
  • Shichimi Blending

    takes 40 minutes
    Shichimi Blending
    Shichimi consists of seven kinds of seasonings. Blend seven flavor herbs and spices as you like and make your original Shichimi. It will be put into a bamboo cylinder.
  • Japanese Incense Bag

    takes 40 minutes
    Japanese Incense Bag
    Two types of incense bags will be made, one in NISHIJIN textile and one in CHILIMEN (Japanese light fabric with wrinkled surface).
    From three types of Japanese incense (OKOU), blend your own mixture and enclose it into each bag.
  • Spinning Top Koma

    takes 60 minutes
    Spinning Top Koma
    Spinning top in Kyoto is made of textile. Coil cotton tapes around the base, and use a brush to coat the Koma with fixative.
  • Cloisonné 【Copper】

    takes 60 minutes
    Cloisonné 【Copper】
    Place glass powder on the copper base, and our staff will bake your work in the oven. Making original Cloisonné design on a key chain or pendant.